Sunday, 6 October 2013

Magna Carta Tour!

Hol and myself are going to see Jay Z on Tuesday! Excited much! 

Birmingham NIA here we come! We've been looking forward to this for months and after seeing Kanye and Jay Z last year, we are pretty excited!! I need to pick the tickets up from Royal Mail tomorrow, yikes! 

"What?" .... "I have a secret" doodles!

I've started doodling when I'm less occupied and find it quite relaxing. I think I might draw something really interesting today, like some sort of scenery or something, seeing as it's a really nice day!

Just got in from a run, had my first game of the netball season and felt dia after it, so figured I need to umph up my fitness in preparation! Also have some really good news but will share that later on!

Right now I feel like having a sort out, looking at my eBay shop, doing some washing (thrills) and maybe some drawing! 

I am so going to do some moodboards and trend forecasts soon and have lots to tell about Autumn Fair about what's hot and what's NAT. 

For now I'll upload some mini sketches from my week! Hope you've had a good week now!