Monday, 7 January 2013

New Job, Paris, Secret Santa, Christmas, Norwich, University Module Results and New Year!!

So much in such little time! I have been very neglectful to my blog over the last month and a bit, SORRY! I've been so busy. With starting my new job, early morning get ups, drive to work and drive back home in the evenings, I'm getting back for 6.30pm, 7pm-ish, so in my evenings I have been finishing off my uni module and planning Paris!

I don't feel like I've stopped since November and to be honest, I don't feel like I've had the chance to enjoy the festive season. I've felt very rushed and rather stressed.

The new job is going well, I had a little glitch today, but other than that it's busy, hectic, manic, CRAZY busy.

Paris was beautiful. I will upload photos and talk more about it when I get a spare minute.

I got my SECRET SANTA PREZZIES!! How delightful they are! I drink from my beautiful teacup every day and it makes my tea taste so much sweeter! I had some lovely chocs! Chocolate coins, little notebook and a beautiful necklace. I've been a lucky girl!

All christmas I knew I had my uni results back, but bear to look at the results. I had a feeling this time that I were going to do quite badly. This module was about designing my own logo and stationery brand for my "Interior Design" company. That bit was a doddle but then it went onto business plans and predictions etc and that threw me! Anything mathematical I thrive off, but business studies etc, doesn't only bore me, nor interest me at all but I felt I kept repeated myself throughout the module and had convinced myself I'd failed miserably. Then on the day I returned from Norwich after christmas I decided to have a peek and... I GOT AN A!!! I were so shocked my eyes filled up! So I'm pleased to start my final module now and am looking forward to graduating this year.

Lots of pics to come, will upload soon :)

Hoping and wishing everyone has enjoyed their christmases and a bit of time off hopefully, even if for just a couple of days, much love.