Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Need a little Tuesday pick me up!

Def need a little brightening up my Tuesday!
So today I needed a little pick me up. It is a Tuesday and a little dull and I'm still not feeling 100%, so my rainbow skies montage has brightened up my day a little! Looking forward to pay day tomorrow and then onto the christmas season I roll, yayyyyyyyyyyyyy.

I've been eying up christmas present goodies for my loved ones and am a little torn between what I want and what they would want!!! Doh.

Tatty Devine is looking like a grand possibility this year! And with Paris round the corner and Tatty having a pop up in Paris in a departmental store, I think it will be worth the visit! I have two younger sisters and a mother who is a fan of acrylic and statement jewellery, excited much!

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Illness, netball, part-ay mood boards and christmas greetings!

Not that you ever want to be ill. But seriously, Friday as soon as you finish work, THANKS FOR RUINING MY WEEKEND INNER ME. Have been suffering with the odd sharp pain in the stomach since Monday/Tuesday and have lost my usual demanding appetite. Then last night, like start of weekend clockwork, the illness begins. Sick as a dog. Two restless nights and a game of netball first thing this morning later and still feeling pretty ropey. Had a game this morning, which there was no way on earth I was going to miss. It was against the club I came from this year. So not only have I moved up 5 divisions, we beat them also. I'm content with that :D. I didn't feel to bad en route to the B team game at home so thought I'd go and watch in the cold and rain! My health deteriorated rather fast though and although I stood and supported the whole game (and they fought real hard and won by one, praise the lord!!) I started to feel a little uneasy and as soon as I got in the car I had to dart home or consider pulling over. I thought I might spew. Not good. So have just had a long hot shower, not feeling any better but I'm home and it's warm! The only thing I've decided that I would eat is little sausages and beans and maybe a little cheese on toast if there is any in?! Most likely not!


So I'm sat typing with my towel wrapped round my hair and waiting for the washing machine to stop so I can pop in my netball attire and typing to New Girl! Wow the day in the life of hey!

I've made a few part-ay theme mood boards, so I'll upload a couple of those today. I've also started making some little christmas cards, just for fun, which I'll upload and if you like them you can print them off and send around for your office or work colleagues or friends! Saves a bit of money, you might want to go out and buy some card though to print them onto. I'll do a little envelope for them also! I'll do a couple maybe and get them all tarted up and raring for christmas!

Circus and magical fun times!

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Photos Galore!! ...Look, look, look at meeeeee!!

Ok, I broke my promise... and that's baaaad. Have been a little bit scatty and am panicking over uni! So about the job.... I start in just shy of two weeks and my love for creating mood boards has finally found a massive purpose in my life! I am working for a kitchenware company, creating mood boards for bespoke clients :) So I will be implementing artwork onto teapots, cups and saucers, how pretty! PLUS they are looking to bring in a soft furnishing range in the soon future, so wallpapers, cushion covers, curtains.... FABRIC HEAVEN! They seem a fab company to work for with lots of great opportunities and some fabulous clients, so I can't wait to get my teeth stuck in! (I think it's time to dish out the old vintage tea set and show my new work colleagues my cup and saucer for tea times!)
Thanks to my fabulous boyfriend, who on the eve of my job offering showered me in chocolate cake and a lovely messaged card!

For the time being, I'm trying my best to work hard on my uni project and as much as I love Interior Design, this module is grinding my gears!! Other than the designing my own personal stationery for my imaginary business, there is nothing creative about this module, which is hard for me! So I'm having to research business plans and yearly forecasts etc etc... Totes not my thang!! But has to be done. So I'm hoping to get this all done very soon as it is due in within the next few weeks... eeeekkk!!

Have been playing netball a lot lately, which I love and supporting the other girls. Everyone has been doing awesome. We've lost our last two games, which.... I think we could have won. They were both tough games and both these teams are top of the league, but I think we are the underdogs! We have a pretty strong and brilliantly talented team and I'm thinking this isn't our year to get promoted (although these girls only just got promoted into this division this year) but next year, will be our year, we get stronger each game. Fab team, fab girls.

So less of the gabble I thought I'd give you a little insight into what I had been working on as of late for Store 21. This range is so beautiful. A whole array of stationery gift ware which has gone into production now and I'm hoping is available as of next year at some point. It is on a fab little memo block (which I love), a document holder (I also love with a beautiful spine and insides!), a memo pad, a two design note card set, a pack of pens with two pretty wrap designs, a set of notebooks and a magnetic memo pad! If I find out, I'll let you know, because it really is a desktop must have!!

Looks stunning on the products!!

These are photos of my pre-production sample! (And probably a few of my other diary designs dotted around in the back!)

So.... what do you think?!

Also.... a MUST HAVE, which I found in Poundland on Sunday and rather excited about! Because with the new job I have to travel a bit (or a bit longer than what I would usually have too!) I have been on the prose for a ceramic cup to keep me warm and going on the journey. This was actually the best and most festive one I found.... and a pound!!
It's sat there on my shelf, waiting for a pre-wash out and a nice hot drink in the mornings!! Cannot wait!!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Bad Blogger!

I am officially the worlds worst blogger! It's official... I am. I will bore you soon with things, lots and lots of THINGS.

I have so much going on at the minute, I have just been offered a new job, yayyyy, which is incredibly exciting and I'm sort of on cloud 9 and in a little new job bubble at the moment. And have lots of uni work to do, lots of random things to do and remember and no money! So the whole no money thing is being completely overlooked by the joy of a new job and the uni work fiasco! Which is due in very soon. I'm on to it, its fine. There's just a bundle of papers to read and as you might already gather, I'm not a reader!! I'm very visual. Words are like question marks to me, I look at them and automatically think... huh?! So.... yeah.

I need to win the lottery. I have decided.

I will blog tomorrow, promise, I'm way to tired to think, I've been glued to a computer screen since 9am this morning and I just looked in the mirror and my eyes have turned square, so it's time to depart.

Much LOVE.