Sunday, 28 October 2012

Not so Netball Saturdays!!

Ok so this week we've had a breather from Netball Saturdays, it's half term, so we've not got a game now until I think the 10th. Empty Saturday!! So yesterday I decided to treat myself and get my hair coloured, yayyy!! I am now a golden blonde and all raring for the Autumn/Winter wardrobe!  I like it a lot. I have a fabulous friend called Nicole who is fantastic at colouring so she came round to mine and we coloured hair and drank coffee in the kitchen :). She's put a few colours through it, a base colour of a golden dark blonde and a slightly darker golden blonde and a copper blonde, so I'm all multi tonal! I'd tell you exactly what she did and what colours she used, but thats me being an ex hairdresser and you'd probably read this like.... 7.3.... huh?! So I won't bore you! Unless you want to know and I'll tell all!

So was very excited yesterday after having it done, I wore a pretty little outfit to see my boyfriend, a black velvet, low back, long sleeved dress (from Primark), a loosely knitted beige jumper (from TK Maxx), my brand spanking new white snood! (From Everything 5 Pounds), nude tights, with a pair of zebra print tight socks and my new Dr. Martens meets Creeper shoes!! In white, I J'ADORE them! (Also from Everything 5 Pounds, such a bargain!) Ooooh Oooh and my new suede, charcoal grey gym bag! So all happy and in a daze I got ready to leave my house and to drive to my boyfriends. He's very kindly just given me his iPod to listen to, as my fake iPod shuffle completely KO'D on me the other day whilst running, which I was treasuring, because I'd ran the New York marathon with it, but it had died! Long gone. So no point in holding on to it anymore! And so yes, yesterday I listened to the iPod for the first time, so was rather excited, about this as well as my outfit, my new hair and spending the evening with my boyfriend. And then, driving down the road, I hear a sort of snapping sound and look to my left, to see my wing mirror hanging off. Great I thought. So getting off the A road I pulled over to examine and there we go, someone had broken my mirror. I was so upset. I am so careful with my car and it means the world to me and the reason why I'd started parking it where I did was because I used to park it behind my house in a car park for a gym. We knew the man who owned the gym and he is very sweet and lets the residents park in his car park and we in return, every christmas get him a gift to thank him for letting us park there. So for a while I'd parked there, until I returned home after a course in London for a week to find someone had reversed into my car. So was pretty devastated by that, luckily no visible dents but my car is white and its chipped off the paint work round the left side near the bumper so it looks like black scratches. Rather upsetting, I decided to move my car to the side road of my house. It had always been okay there. I had a few problems, with a troubled person last year, who would leave notes on my windows and basically stalked me for a couple of months last Summer and luckily the last I'd heard of it was when this person had obviously noticed that my car had been moved somewhere else, whilst I'd been on holiday last year and when I returned and collected my car I parked it in my usual spot for the evening and in the morning I came to my car to drive to work and this troubled person left a vile and insulting comment written in the condensation of my window for all to see. I were so upset, shocked and felt humiliated that people could have walked past and seen this that I just got in my car on this cold late September morning and drove off without wiping my window and with the window down. I just wanted to get away from there as soon as I could. I cried all the way to work. After then, I didn't hear anymore. I think it was because I didn't retaliate to anything, especially that, although I made sure that I noted everything that happened, because I were 100% ready to go to the police. So since then, I hadn't experienced any problems, but someone has clearly just gone up to my wing mirror and kicked it until it snapped, you can see mud from there shoes around the mirror. So upset, I got back into my car after a phone call to Tom and he said he'd have a look when I got round. He said a part of it had snapped that connected it on, (which I found the piece that had snapped earlier this afternoon, where my car had been parked) so Tom and his dad have temporarily attached it back on using some plastic cable ties. I'm lucky to have people around me that are kind and want to help. I took one step into Tom's family home and saw his mum and burst into tears! How ridiculous, it's only a wing mirror! But it's the principle of it. I just don't understand the mentality of some people. Why would you go out your way to vandalize someone else's property?! It baffles me. Anyway, it could have been a whole lot worse couldn't it, but it was just how unnecessary it is. So Tom and I left his and visited his grandparents for the evening. They are so lovely. Two G&T's later I've forgotten about the car! We looked through photographs of recent events and chatted and had a lovely evening, then on our way home we stopped off for fish and chips and then had a long, meaningful discussion about the programme that was aired the other evening on channel 4 about the town that caught tourettes! Gosh we love a debate! I argued that the girls who had "caught" tourettes, had started out of habit. My philosophy of it is that these girls had subconsciously started these ticks, movements, whatever their outbursts were out of habit and then it had grew into something that was psychological and would become harder to control. I tried to compare it to having a word that you use all the time. Lots of people do it, for example I know I used to say "like" a lot. To the point that I didn't even know I were saying it, but once I'd said it, at times I'd try and stop myself from saying it, so I'd go to say it and then consciously be aware that I'm using that word and would try and refrain from saying it, this was my point with the tourettes. That sometimes they'd be aware but try and control it and refrain from doing it. I think as well, if you are a weaker individual you are more prone to picking up maybe trends in whatever terms and I think that peers can rub off on you and that their habits can soon become yours and I think it got to a point where it would just blow out of proportion and become obsessive and controlling and less easy to manage. But if you'd have watched the programme, you'd have seen that the girls were being treated for two different things and once this diagnosis had been put into place and they had been seen to and were being treated, these girls started to make a recovery and it had been said later on in the programme that these girls had been given this "medication" under a placebo effect. So it proved that the conditions and complaints that they had been suffering with were to a big extent psychological. The only girl who didn't improve was the one who's mother refused the diagnosis that it was psychological and I couldn't help but think that in a way, this girl and her mother in particular out of all the girls and their mothers and families, they were the ones who were being the most public about the condition and were almost, flaunting it?! That might sound a little harsh, but the girl kept making YouTube videos about it and the mother kept going on day time programmes and I couldn't help but think, do you actually want your daughter to get any better? If it was that bad and quote, she said "it annoys me when she says na all the time", if it annoyed you that much, then yeah I agree there is a cause to everything and you should resolve things to the best that you can possibly do, but jeez lady take it on the chin and try it, see if it works, everyone else has made a recovery and yet your daughter is still suffering because you're too stubborn. PS How selfish by the way! So we had a grand old discussion and Tom never agrees with anything I say! I don't want him to agree with me if he doesn't believe that or understand what I'm trying to say, but it's just my opinion!

So after our long discussion and him leaving me in the kitchen in the dark... HA. Which he did. We watched some telly and fell asleep. I had netball today. They have a team in the Sunday league which is a development team so I go along and play and it was just nice to get a game this weekend, a bit of a run around. So now I'm in need of starting some uni work! So must crack on.

Enjoy your Sunday :)

New Shoes! Taken on my rubbish Blackberry

Friday, 26 October 2012

Gentle Giraffes!


I love giraffes! I have noticed they've started to creep into the orange, yellow and tan colour palette. The cheeky devils!! I said I were looking forward to putting together a little collaboration of giraffe essentials! You've got to love to hate those shoe boots! Gosh, they are really something hey?! My fave has to be the pretty gold ring, paired with the orange and gold collar dress and perhaps creating the giraffe print into a hair tie. And hey... throw on the weird shoes!! Or maybe just stick with brown suede top ankle boots! We need a bag, a big, big bag.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

It's a bit of an animal...

Excitable Elephants!

Fuzzy Foxes!

Fancy Flamingos!

I fancied putting together a few fun boards today! Needed to brighten up my day a little. I vow to start referencing... yikes. Shoulda-woulda-coulda!

I'm wanting to crack on with a giraffe board also. I have noticed they've been creeping into designs as of late, I do like giraffes, so tall and slender!

I have some great little pins on my Pinterest boards at the moment, you should take a look! I do need to categorize a bit better and there's a lot more filling and board creating to come fo sho!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

An October, mid week warmer!

...It's not warm when she's away.
The transition from a Summers day, to an Autumn Night.


Sunday, 21 October 2012

Netball Saturdays!

It was Netball Saturday yesterday and the girls were on fire! I went to watch the girls play at 11am against my old team and they played brilliantly. A shame we only won by one, because the girls gave it such a good fight and at one point they were 8 ahead, but a wins a win and everyone contributed towards it and fought hard, was lovely to watch.

I had my game at 1pm against Leamington, we thought we might get whooped because they are renowned for their quality of game play and we've not had the best two Saturday games, we should and could have easily beat the last two teams, but hey ho we'll play them again and it'll be our time then. But it was our first game yesterday with our full squad and we thrashed them! 55-23, what a lovely feeling it was! Everyone contributed in their own way and we gelled and played magnificently together, I really couldn't ask to play in a better team. Not only are they all great players, they're lovely girls, which make's it even more of a pleasure.
So we had a blinder and I think we all left on a high, fingers crossed we can keep up the good and hard work.

It's also great to get the support, we have a few supporters who have come up and shown their support every week which is so lovely. It's also great to have someone there week in week out who can watch and tell us about our game of play, you can't always notice everything when you're playing, so it's nice to be told that you're playing well, or need to watch out or improve on certain things and they become part of the team and the club and it's really lovely.

I've always wanted to make sure I'm the one standing on the side line supporting people, because it's nice to be encouraged and for someone to share an interest and give you a heads up and congratulate you when you're doing well, we all like and want that don't we?! I can honestly say that unless I have asked, I've never had someone who's wanted to share an interest with me. So I want to make sure I can do my bit and hopefully one day, i'll have a little me or a niece that I can do these things with. I'm already trying to mould my younger sister into the netball figure, so hopefully I can go along and support her through games. I have been thinking recently about doing a netball coaching course and perhaps and umpiring course. I really do love the game and looking back I can't believe I were out of it for so long. But I'm seriously thinking of looking into it, I would love to be able to coach and guide my own little team and watch them grow and progress into beautiful, elegant netballers! How lovely!
So I am waiting for my next jab of netball fun, training Wednesdays! And that's when my netball cycle continues.

I do need to be careful though. I have an injury, I'm not sure how severe it is or could be, but I know, in 2010 I ran the New York Marathon. The race was in November and I started training in June. After about 4 weeks training, I started complaining of an ankle injury, I couldn't shake this off, so end of July I went to a local physio who told me that my right hip was out of line. This would make perfect sense now. I always knew I ran differently on my right foot, my feet movement always felt different and not the norm, like I were compensating for something and I remember when I were younger going on a Sunday morning swimming with my sisters and dad and complaining that my right leg felt uncomfortable when I swam. I had to be 13 if that when I noticed. And to this day it makes me cringe to think of that time in the swimming baths that I noticed the sensation I felt in that leg. I can honestly say since then I've not really done any swimming, unless i've been on holiday and even then I'm always a bit conscious and feel a bit sick about getting in the water. I'm not scared of the water, I just remember this feeling of when I moved my legs doing breast stroke, feeling like my right leg was popping out of socket, it sort of makes me gag thinking about it. I can't understand how it could have ever got like that, I have always been into sport, I were known as the sporty girl at school, I were a member of most sports teams and ran long distance. I've swam since forever. I can't understand what could have gone wrong? I'm only 24, I shouldn't be having hip troubles surely!! So I'm going to try and do some exercises in the week that might help loosen the blow a little, when I do get on the court or go running and maybe at some point see a physio again.

Today I am pondering over university work. I am studying a Foundation Degree in Interior Design and am on my 7th module of 8, so am nearly there now! I really need to pull my finger out and sort myself out. I am just in the middle of printing off a something like 110 page document of assignment info, which is obviously a waste of paper, but I really struggle to take things in that I read on a screen. To be honest I struggle to have the attention span to read anything. I have this wonderful book waiting for me to read and I have spare time and just can't bring myself round to picking it up. I think sometimes (well I know, that most the time) I feel bad to say I have any "free time" because this so called "free time"I feel I should be studying. So maybe it's a bit psychological. But endless to say, I struggle to read anything. I can read! Don't get me wrong. It's just like, my brain can't absorb it, I read it and then it's instantly forgotten. I have to reread EVERYTHING. Over and over again. I reread things so much that I either start looking into what i've read too much or I can just pick up every flaw in what i've read. I have to analyze. I make notes, lots and lots of notes. Often I will rewrite the notes but with something new on, on a daily basis. Or I will rewrite a note because my handwriting doesn't look quite right. I am so glad I have to type on here and not write because most people can't read my writing. Sometimes, I can't even read my own writing! I worry myself sometimes. I feel like there is so much in the world that I should no about or understand and it's not because I'm ignorant that I don't understand or that I don't care or want to understand, about politics or what's going on in this country or this world with world wars etc etc it's because I can't focus on things and it gets to the point where I think now, I'd like to know the basics of what's going on around me and where the tax I pay for goes to and all the things I don't know about, but I feel it might go straight over my head and maybe people like me are exceptions to this political world and can go with the flow, by not having to think or worry about what party is in charge and what is going on in Syria, maybe it's okay that I can just plod along in my own little world of creativeness.

Maybe, or maybe one day I will regret not knowing.

Anyway all my stuff has printed off now, finally!! So I will scout the papers and probably highlight EVERYTHING! Until I remember what I am meant to be doing and have a bit more of an understanding of marketing plans and business plans for my imaginary Interior Design business!

Bye for now :)

Monday, 15 October 2012

Wow! So I'm pretty tired. Have been itching to get on all weekend and upload some bits and bobs, but just haven't had a spare minute, so I thought seen as I have been on hold to Marks and Sparks money for almost 2 hours, my windows finally opened to get some uploading done! 2 hours of my life I won't be getting back, two phone calls put down and 25 minutes later and I'm still waiting.... a round of applause I think is deserved when someone finally picks up to me!
Anyway, have so much going on in my little head at the minute, that I need to do, or should be doing or want to do and it's frustrating me that I can't get round to doing it. Like today, wasn't actually thinking about it, haven't been thinking about it, then suddenly had this eureka thought that ...
•eeekkk my library books are due back•
... so got on the phone, renewed, so glad you can actually do that, such effort getting to the library itself. So many interior design books! Thats the minor of minor of my worries at the moment a few books, need to get on the graft. Keep meaning to upload my beautiful collection of vintage clothes over a spare weekend, but now the netball season has started my weekends are all sported out!
Been busy today juggling work for Ryman and Store 21 and am currently waiting to hear back from Matalan on mood boards I've produced for them for next year and the year after for stationery fashions!
... How many times do I have to listen to Mrs Jones, Mr Blue Sky and Here Comes the Sun! Seriously being on hold is the worst.
What a beautiful weekend of weather it was just gone. I love sunny, cold days. There's nothing like going for a walk or run all wrapped up! Have been looking after Quattro the dog this week with my boyfriend, got myself quite attached I think, he's a licker though, not sure how fond I am of that! A couple of times I thought he were going to nibble my fingers off, but that's me being dramatic! And at one point I swear he went for my knee cap, tried wrapping his fangs around my actual cap, nearly got a cap in the head!
I've been getting some boards together recently, just of things I like, or things that are on trend or future trends, I'll upload them shortly for your perusal :)

Anyway, I'm still on hold, 47-06 minutes later after my attempts since 5.35pm, all for the sake of a 5 minute phone call and it will turn 8pm in 7 minutes and i'll probably get cut off because shifts finished! I better get a serious amount of voucher compensation for this! ..... Ooo and talk of the devil 8pm on the dot and my call has been answered and resolved! Annnnnnnnd breatheeeeeeee. Gosh.

Okay let me do a little digging and get a little pretty preview uploaded,

Tar tar for now.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Eeeeeek the day has arrived, LOTS of tweeking still to do, but the foundations are down and I'm all raring to go! Little baby steps at a time, what to post, what to post! I will be posting some mood boards in due cause and letting the world know of my crazy activities, mostly consisting of playing netball and dog sitting a jack russell called.... i've forgotten his name.... Quattro. Whom I want to call and have been calling Mylo, for no apparent reason other than the fact I keep forgetting his actual name and my brain is telling me, "if you had a dog you'd call it Mylo", so Mylo it is for the week. Sorry Rob. (Mylo's owner) I'll change his name by deed poll before you come home and make all our lives easier.

Wow, bloggers block. Is that what bloggers blame bad blogging on?! The block. The wall. The non thinking. The I don't no what to type. I'm not going to experience that too often I don't think, because generally I just talk nonsense. If anything, I'll write wayyyyyy to much and probably create a little bored space in the shape of my face, right there in your heart! That sounds delightful. My poor boyfriend.

I have been reading so many blogs lately and I love keeping up to date with these people who don't even realise I exist, but there is something to it isn't there? Like an urge to want to know, the knowing. Maybe that's what blogging is about being nosey. To me it's a habit. The first thing I do in the morning, turn on my computer and start scrolling to see what has been uploaded and I must admit, there is a slight disappointed sigh when nothing has been uploaded and I'm re-reading yesterday, the day before and the week befores articles and flicking through the pictures. Always keeps me amused and entertained though while I'm drinking my first cuppa of the day. Unless my boyfriend has been a star and made me one in bed. But I'll sit at my computer, warming my hands on my Kings of Leon mug with a big, fat, blog smile.

Anyway less jibber, I'm in need of fuel for the stomach, nothing extravagant something basic, easy and quick as I'm busy, busy this evening.

Thank you for reading my first attempt of blogging, peace out!